Hi, hello-

Wanted to drop you Kickstarters a quick line since it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us.

We’ve progress on the editing!

Due to the nature of this project, the editing is a bit time-consuming. It’s not one of your standard cut and paste sort of jobs and requires some creative frame-pushing on the back end.

In other news, music extraordinaire Nathan Springer ( has received some rough cut footage and is composing original music as I type! (I’m not sure if that’s true or not… I’m not with him. He could be eating a sandwich or something.)

If you’ve not already, take a quick peek at the teaser trailer we created with test footage:

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As always, thank you so much again for the beautiful support. We’re truly grateful for you.


Mock-up Movie Poster!

Hi folks!

Wanted to drop a quick note to those responsible for making this project happen.

Check out the Meet Me By The Lake movie poster mock-up. If anyone is interested in a poster, feel free to email me at for info!

Have we thanked you yet? Thank you, thank you, thank you again for the incredible generosity you’ve showed.

Editing is in full swing! For those interested, here’s a breakdown of how the production process went:

DAY 1: Early morning shooting at Lake Merritt. Bagels and coffee were a plenty at the 6:15am call time. Despite the early morning, the cast and crew worked quickly and effectively—smiling and chugging coffee like it was water on the hottest day of summer without A/C in Tennessee (Ha. Ha. Get it Tennesseans? Like it was hot and we were thirsty. Ha… Ha.)

DAY 2: The biggest day of shooting. Another 6:15am call time and another couple boxes of coffee. We shot for about 9 hours on location—dodging squawks and joggers. (I SAID QUIET ON SET, GEESE!)

DAY 3: Unfortunately, because of scheduling issues, our dear DP Thomas Meaney had to head back down to LA to shoot his own project. So we worked with a smaller team on the final night of shooting. With just Nick, Evangeline, Matthew and myself, we shot all night time interiors and exteriors from around 8pm until 3am—finishing off the night at a 24 hour doughnut shop on Lakeshore (a well deserved doughnut prize for pushing until 3am).

We really can’t thank you guys enough for all of the support. Be on the lookout for an email regarding rewards! For those of you at the $100 donation level, we’ll be needing your address to ship the DVD copies once everything has been completed! Some of you have the VIRTUAL SCREENING access as well. So be on the lookout for an email regarding access!

Lastly, we wanted to make it clear that the editing process takes time. We’re hoping to have a final product ready for screening at the end of June. Can’t wait to share this dream with you guys.

A million thanks times a million thanks times a million thanks… and then more than that.

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If you haven’t already, check out the update video the team shot on the first day of production:

As always, thanks for all of the support!

Big ‘Ol Glass - A big lens for a big-hearted project. Compiling equipment in preparation for production next week! Thanks for the gear loan, Logan Shillinglaw IV!

8 days until we get this thing in production!

Music + Rehearsal

MUSIC LAND with Ben Gaines-

Hi folks. Writing to you from the busy pre-production world of Meet Me By The Lake.

I was able to have a Skype session with talented musician Ben Gaines (seen above in a tiny window to the right of Evangeline’s face) about music for the short film. He played some tunes, I listened to some tunes, we talked about spaghetti, discussed the project and what emotions we want to evoke with the music, made a list of our favorite spaghetti sauces, and participated in a virtual high five.

Well… most of that happened.

In any case, I’m super excited about what I heard from him and am really looking forward to getting my ears on some fresh tunes soon.

Check Ben out HERE and HERE.

We also had a high quality rehearsal yesterday with Nick, Evangeline, and Matthew:

Worked through some character stuff, did some rewrites, talked about dates/times we’re going to shoot each scene, and nailed down wardrobe. Super productive day yesterday. Very thankful to everyone involved. I still don’t know how to match clothes, but boy was it fun listening to them talk about it.

That’s all for now! As always, check out the following links for more Meet Me By The Lake goodness:




Thank you guys so much for checking in!


A THANK YOU - Farm Free Press and Ida Santana!

THANKS to IDA SANTANA for helping create some buzz in the Farm Free Press! We are grateful!

Meet Me By The Lake + Matthew Lesko


Hello folks!

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be Skype interviewed by Matthew Lesko—the American author, self-proclaimed federal grant researcher, and infomercial personality. Aside from appearing here with me, he has also appeared in some lesser known things like Oprah, Larry King, and David Letterman.

Good thing I had just changed out of my question mark suit right before the interview.

See the video here:


IN OTHER NEWS, we’ve locked down the shoot days and are spending a lot of time getting everything set to go into production. It’s been quite the ride organizing and scheduling. The preparation process is long and tedious. So many questions arise like, how are we going to get from one location to the next? What are we going to put the food on? Do we need trash bags to handle any garbage we might produce at this location? How do we schedule the shooting days in a way that makes sense? Should I have mustard or mayonnaise on my sandwich today? Should I have a sandwich at all?

And these are just the physical details of production. Questions about blocking, and performance, and wardrobe, and emotion, and movement exist in an entirely different realm. You know that long list of names you see at the end of your favorite Hollywood film? Well, the length of that list makes a whole lot of sense to me now.

If you haven’t already done so, check out our Facebook page! We’d LOVE to have you LIKE us.

Thanks so much for checking in on the project! I have to go decide whether or not I’m having a sandwich today.


Calling Conference


Hello from cafe-ville (which today happens to be Wescafe on the island of Alameda).

An update from the pre-production world of Meet Me By The Lake:

A conference call with cast and crew today began with a 17 minute discussion on dates in April to begin production. Since many of the people involved have morphing schedules from week to week, we ran into quite a few issues involving availability. BUT, we finally came to a conclusion. We’re shooting next year.

Just kidding. (Not funny.)

We will begin production in the middle of April. This gives us time to adequately prepare for the shoot. Rehearsing, equipment securing, location scouting, permitting—all of these things will be happening in the coming weeks.

In addition to the folks you know from our fundraising campaign (Nick Brentley and Evangeline Crittenden), we have two other ultra-talented individuals joining our production.

Matthew Magennis will be helping out as acting assistant, directing assistant, and overall advice giver. He’s a veteran in the indie filmmaking world and we’re very grateful he’s on board for the project. Plus, he happens to be one of the nicest guys I know.

Thomas Meaney will also be helping out. He’ll be our DP, camera operator, and overall technical mastermind. He’s making the trip north from LA and we’re so super grateful to have his expertise and good nature for the shoot. He’ll also be helping out on the back end of things with post production—including editing and color correction. Thanks, Thomas!

Check out all the CAST and CREW bios in the sections above!

If you haven’t already checked out the teaser trailer, peep it HERE.

And thanks again for all the support.